Malaysian/Chinese Superstitions

  1. If you cut your nails at night, ghosts will haunt you
  2. If a black cat walks in front of you, it’s bad luck
  3. Sweeping the house at night brings bad luck
  4. You can’t clean the house on new years day or else you are cleaning away all your good vibes
  5. Say no to the number 4. The number four, if pronounced in cantonese or mandarin, means death. Which is why we should always avoid the # 4.

Moms in Malaysia

Malaysian moms tend to compare their children with other children.

Mom: How come you get 99% for your math? What Happened to the 1 PERCENT!

Son: Sorry la mummy, small mistake lehh, I didn’t round off the number.

Mom: You see Ah ling’s son, very smart, he won’t make small mistakes like that. How come he can get 114 when you only get 99?

Son: But….

Mom: You every time also got excuses,  only know how to make excuses. You think you so smart arh?!So smart how come cannot get that 1 percent?!

Every Malaysian kid suffers the same fate, unless you are the kid who scores 114% in your math test.

Malaysians have a method to make their children eat

Whenever foreigners want their children to finish their food, they tend to scold them just to make them finish their food.

However, we Malaysians have a special way to do it.

If you are a Malaysian, you have probably heard of “Finish your food or else your girlfriend will have a lot of pimples.”

Yes, you heard that right, food and girlfriends. Although it doesn’t make sense, kids believe it and would do anything just to finish that last few chunks of food.

Malaysians never get hungry

Malaysians never get hungry. Why you may ask? Well, we plan ahead.

Even though it’s morning, we try to figure out what to eat for dinner.

Chong Long: Ay later dinner eat where?

Chock Sei: Don’t know la, can try the Lorong Seratus Tahun in Damansara Heights.

Chong Long: Ohhh, then lunch leh?

Chock Sei: Lunch go Publika la, there got food court what

Chong Long: Ok laa then now eat what?

Chock Sei: Aiyoo go mamak la then can chill little bit also.

Holiday from sports teams

Every time the Malaysian national team wins an event, there will be holiday the next day. We support the national badminton team, we pray and hope that they win. When Lee Chong Wei wins a championship, the day after the victory is surely going to be a holiday.

People say Malaysians have a lot of holidays because of the many  cultures, well, add this to the list of more holidays.

What a true Malaysian does

1)Yellow on the traffic light means drive faster

2)You point using your thumb

3) You use Lah, Meh, Loh or Ah at the end of every sentence.
“Don’t do like this lah!”
“Can not Meh?”
“I don’t know leh! You do loh! I follow.”

4)You always say BoJio, which means didn’t invite.

5)You wait anxiously every year for a new Petronas Advertisement. Great Advertisement by the way.