Rain for Hydroelectricity? No we use it for something else

The rain is one of the greatest gifts that mother nature has given us Malaysians. Not only can you use it to generate electricity or to store water, we can use it for something else.

Boss: Why are you late?

Chong See Wai: Sorry la boss, just now Puchong heavy raining, I cannot see when I drive you know.

Boss: But it’s sunny right now.

Chong See Wai: Aiyoo you see arh? I came from Putrajaya, passing Puchong only. Just now Putrajaya heavy raining la, I cannot speed. Some more got thunderstorm leh, I must drive very slow. That’s why five minutes late la boss.

Boss: Ok la you be careful next time.

Rain is your best friend Don’t worry about being late for work or for your date. The Malaysians use rain as an excuse, why can’t you?

This shows us that anything is possible, don’t fear to try the impossible, because the word impossible means Im-possible.



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