The important festivals in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has many different cultures and races. The 3 main races are the Malays, Chinese and the Indians. Although there are many festivals in Malaysia that are celebrated, there are the 5 most important festivals,Deepavali, Chinse New Year, Eid/Hari Raya, Wesak and Thaipusam.

Not written in order of importance


Deepavali is a festival celebrated by Indians living in Malaysia. This is the festival of lights, it signifies the victory of light and hope over darkness. Houses and streets of Malaysia are adorned with colourful lights and oil lamps. The day starts off by taking a bath with oil and praying. Later during the day processions, street-fairs, fireworks and get-togethers take place. The aromas of a variety of  dishes lingering across the streets is one of the things that truly symbolises the festivities of Deepavali in the areas where Indians live in a large number.


2)Chinese New Year

This is the time when Malaysia turns red. All the Chinese living in Malaysia decorate their houses and streets with traditional red decorations, they do so in order to ward off evil spirits. As a part of the 15 day long celebration lion and dragon dances accompanied by fireworks are performed across Malaysia. Family get togethers, cooking of numerous dishes on the same day, and decorating houses are a few things that happen during the Chinese New Year



3) Wesak

Wesak is a Buddhsit festival celebrated to pay tribute to the birthday, enlightenment and the attainment of Nirvana in the life of Lord Buddha. The festivities begin at dawn by gathering at Buddhist temples and meditating, offering food and charity to the poor and praying. A grand float procession takes place during Wesak, it is a sight to behold and it usually has a giant statue of Buddha.


4) Thaipusam

Thaipusam is largely celebrated by the Tamil community in Malaysia. Thai means the month and Pusam means star, Thaipusam is celebrated in January / February when the star is at its highest. The celebrations in Malaysia start off by visiting the Sri Mahamariamman Temple and proceeds to the Batu Caves. This festival sees a footfall of over a million devotees from across the globe. Some devotees go to an extent of piercing their bodies and carrying sacrificial burdens called Kavadis to beseech their blessings.


5) Hari Raya/ Eid

Hari Raya is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in Malaysia, as the majority of the population residing in Malaysia follows Islam. Hari Raya is celebrated during the 9th month of the lunar calendar for a period of one month. Muslims observe daily fasts from dawn to dusk and refrain from consuming food and wrong-doing. Hari Raya is celebrated on the last day of Ramadan, it marks the end of the fasting period for Muslims.



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