Drivers don’t follow the rules here

No U turn? It’s ok la, no cars can U turn de.

The no U-Turn signboard is like an invisible metal plate with paint on it. In fact, almost all signboards are invisible to us Malaysians. We break the rules whenever we see fit. We are the rebels when the police isn’t around.

Typical Malaysian drivers would park their cars at places that will not allow you to park.

So whenever you are on the road and see a Malaysian driver break the rules, don’t get angry at them because once you have stayed in Malaysia long enough, you will be one of them too.


We Malaysians can park our cars anywhere

Can’t seem to find any parking near your favorite chicken rice shop? Well, park the Malaysian way.

In Malaysia, we double park like there is no tomorrow. Every time you go out to those shop lots kind of area, you will see people double parking or triple parking if you are lucky.

Not only do we double park, We Malaysians will definitely find an empty space for parking. A foreigner will not see parking spots the way we Malaysians do. When foreigners say that there is no parking spots, we Malaysians see a spot that can fit two elephants plus a chimpanzee.

We address everyone as Uncle, Auntie, Leng Zaii, Leng Luii or Boss

Whenever you are trying to buy an item or just trying to call the waiter for the bill, you call them uncle, auntie, Leng zaii, Leng luii or boss.

We don’t know why we do that, but we just do.

Customer: Oi Leng Zaii, Char Koay Teow satu(one in malay)

Shopkeeper: Ok boss boleh.

It is in our nature that we address strangers as Uncle, Auntie, Leng Zaii, Leng Luii or boss.

So the next time you want to buy something from a young man, call him Leng Zaii and he will surely give you a 50% discount off his items.

Rain for Hydroelectricity? No we use it for something else

The rain is one of the greatest gifts that mother nature has given us Malaysians. Not only can you use it to generate electricity or to store water, we can use it for something else.

Boss: Why are you late?

Chong See Wai: Sorry la boss, just now Puchong heavy raining, I cannot see when I drive you know.

Boss: But it’s sunny right now.

Chong See Wai: Aiyoo you see arh? I came from Putrajaya, passing Puchong only. Just now Putrajaya heavy raining la, I cannot speed. Some more got thunderstorm leh, I must drive very slow. That’s why five minutes late la boss.

Boss: Ok la you be careful next time.

Rain is your best friend Don’t worry about being late for work or for your date. The Malaysians use rain as an excuse, why can’t you?

This shows us that anything is possible, don’t fear to try the impossible, because the word impossible means Im-possible.


Malaysian time is not what you think it is

We Malaysians were never recognized for our punctuality. When we make an appointment at 9am, we mean that we will arrive at 11.

When your Malaysian friend promises you that he/she will be there at 2pm, be ready to wait at least an hour for your friend to arrive.

We Malaysians will make up the most hilarious excuses just to tell you that we did not mean to be late.

Watch this funny video to truly understand the Malaysian excuses.